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What is Yin Yoga?

The Taoist concept of yin and yang, the two opposite energies, is a well known one and almost everyone is aware of it. The balance and harmony between the two equal and opposite forces is responsible for the balance and harmony in the world. Yin is stable and yang is always changing. Yin is static and yang is dynamic. Yin is the more hidden aspect of things while yang is the more revealing and open to observation. Yin is cold and yang is hot. Yin is calm and yang is excited. Catch the drift?

When talking about our body, yin is represented by the stiff connective tissues. Yin yoga is about working these muscles and strengthen them. The regions of the body which get worked on in yin yoga moves are in the lower part of the body. These include hips, pelvis, lower spine, and inner thighs.

The Benefits of Yin Yoga

So, should you do yin yoga? Yes, definitely if you want to experience the following benefits:

• Calmness of mind – yin is all about the more ignored aspect of you. Through yin yoga, you will be able to explore and attain a kind of calmness you didn't think was possible. The meditative aspect of yin yoga helps you see things which you were previously ignoring and help you become a more calm, relaxed individual.

• Reduction in stress – stress reduction is one of the best advantages of doing yin yoga regularly. When you position yourself in certain poses, you are taking your mind to a new place where you do not experience stress and are able to relax. Through regular practice of yin yoga, you will be able to reduce your stress levels drastically and thus, be able to prevent numerous stress related diseases.

• Improvement in circulation – yin yoga is about working the more stationary muscles of the body as opposed to the always moving forces. Through regular yin yoga, you will be able to enhance the blood circulation in various parts of your body and all the muscles as well as joints. The various poses are designed to for stronger, more flexible and oxygenated muscles.

• Increased flexibility – any type of yoga will help you with the flexibility of your body and yin yoga is no different. Designed to mobilize the immobilized muscles of the body, yin yoga moves and positions will stretch your muscles and reduce joint and muscular stiffness. Your muscles will become a lot more flexible through regular practice.

• Improvement in joint mobility – through the practice of regular yin yoga, you will be able to improve mobility in your joints. If you suffer from stiffness in your ankles, hips, or any other joints of your body, through regular yin yoga, you will be able to improve their health.

Strengthening the more stable aspects to your body is necessary to achieve optimal balance.

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