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Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga has now taken the world by a storm and is touted as one of the best ways to work your body. Vinyasa yoga is a form of yoga which combines breathing with asanas. The one practicing the moves needs to coordinate their moves with their breaths. The exercises which are a part of the vinyasa yoga routine are performed in sequential order. Each position flows into another position freely. This is why vinyasa yoga is also popularly known as flow yoga.

Vinyasa yoga can also be perceived as meditation in motion. You meditate and coordinate while you position your body in various asanas. When combined with music, the free flowing steps of a vinyasa yoga session look like a dance – so graceful it is in all its glory!

When you choose to live a lifestyle which incorporates vinyasa yoga, you get the following benefits;

• Defined body

Vinyasa yoga offers strength training benefits and builds lean muscle throughout the body. The one doing vinyasa yoga positions goes through a sequence of mindful movements which leads to the toning of the entire body. This results in great muscle definition. A lot of people who practice vinyasa yoga have very well defined arms, abs, and legs. This is because many of the asanas practiced in vinyasa yoga stretch your muscles in different ways.

• Refined movements

When you coordinate your movements with your breath, you improve the grace and elegance of your form. The practice of vinyasa yoga asanas is almost like a spiritually uplifting dance in which you flow from one position into another. It is a smooth transition which, with practice, becomes a second nature to your form. You will notice how gracefully you walk, do things, and perform numerous actions. You leave your clumsy self behind and make way for someone who is much more efficient in moving and using their body.

• Mental peace

Becoming one with your breath while you move is a wonderful way to attain mental peace. All the aspects of vinyasa yoga are so mindful in their foundation that mental peace is a trait you will not be able to avoid through practice. Vinyasa yoga gives you a combination of physical fitness and mental peace which is why it is such a wonderful form of exercise.

• Spiritual uplifting

Through regular practice of vinyasa yoga, you will feel closer to your own self. Your spirit will be one with your body and you will understand things about yourself which you weren't even aware of. You will also transcend into another world during mindfulness sessions and have a deeper knowledge of inner peace and spirituality.

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