Slow Flow Yoga Information

What is flow yoga?

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world and is known for its fabulous benefits. Everyone who follows yoga knows how it is not just about one's physical fitness but also about spiritual uplifting and mental control. Yoga is of many types and people choose their favorite based on what they want the most. If you are a slow paced, relaxed person, you would love flow yoga.

Flow yoga is a very relaxed form of yoga which combines breathing with asanas. Its name is vinayasa yoga but is commonly known as flow yoga because it is comprised of movements where each position flows into another position. The change in positions is so smooth that they almost look like a well coordinated dance. Flow yoga is artistic and graceful with huge focus on meditation and breathing.

When you start following the many movements of flow yoga on a regular basis, you get to experience some fantastic benefits. These benefits include:

A strong and sculpted body

Flow yoga helps your body build lean muscle and is very effective in improving its overall strength.
Since flow yoga sessions are nothing but a sequence of mindful movements, regular practice tones the entire body and makes your muscles much more defined.
An aesthetic and toned body is a result of flow yoga because of how the various positions stretch your muscles.

A more efficient body

The coordination of your movements with your breath trains your brain to become much more organized.
You gain more motor control and are able to perform actions much more efficiently.
You add an element of elegance of your form which was missing before.
This is because the positions in a flow yoga session are a series of smooth transitional movements and these graceful movements become more natural for your body as you practice.

Greater mindfulness

Since the main element of flow yoga is to coordinate your movements with your breathing, the added level of focus of concentration gives your brain a boost.
This form of yoga consists of mindful movements which bring you mental peace and a much more relaxed mind.
It allows you to think more, observe deeply, and concentrate on things which you wouldn't have been able to do before.

What is slow flow yoga?

In a world that is running all the time and not stopping even once, you feel obligated to follow the tradition as well. People don't have time to stop and think about what they want and how they feel because of all the rush they are involved in. People forget to be mindful and calm. This affects how they perceive their daily difficulties and stress levels. It is not uncommon for those who work to experience immense stress because of their routine which is too fast and too hectic. Slow flow yoga is a way to turn that around and take out time to become more focused on your inner self. Mindfulness is a trait we severely underestimate and never really work on it. Slow flow yoga will help you achieve peace of mind by making you realize that slow is strong.

So, can slow movements really be useful in strengthening the body and the mind? Yes, definitely. The following list will show you how beneficial slow flow yoga is for your health – physical, mental, and spiritual.

It helps you become more mindful

The most distinctive trait of slow flow yoga is its emphasis on mindfulness. It focuses a lot on the coordination of mind and body.
The poses are heavily influenced by meditative strategies and require the participant to focus, concentrate, and become deeply involved in the activity.
This concentration on breathing leads to one becoming a lot more mindful.

It is very relaxing

Slow flow yoga is slow paced which means it lets you relax.
It can also be faster paced but the essence of smoothness remains the same. Those who are more experienced can do a faster paced slow flow yoga where the change of positions is faster but still happens in a nice, smooth flow.
Performing slow flow yoga is quite a soothing and relaxing experience.

There are less chances of injury

Because of its slow pace and calm nature, slow flow yoga poses less chance of the participant getting injured.
The focus of the routine is on learning how to perform the different poses correctly and with stability rather than with speed.
This is the reason why beginners would benefit the most from this form of yoga.

It strengthens your body

In slow flow yoga, one needs to hold their pose for longer as they focus on their inner energies.
This leads to strengthening of the body and a gradual but definite increase in stamina.

It makes you more flexible

Any form of yoga will give your muscles a flexibility that is healthy.
You will notice that your joints will not be stiff and you will be able to easily bend into any position with regular practice.

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