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What is Restorative Yoga

If you lead a very fast lifestyle which is filled with lots of movement, excitement, and stress, you would like to relax in a way that is helpful for your body and mind alike. Those who workout regularly and perform exercises that are very high intensity and fast will also find a period where they just feel too exhausted to do anything else but not doing anything is very painful. Restorative yoga is something which anyone who wants a healthy break from their frantic life should learn to do. The restorative yoga is not just about healing the body and relaxing it but is also about the mind. It is a very mindful form of yoga which is designed to raise you from total exhaustion and make you feel a lot better about life.


◦ Often in the fast pace of life, we forget how beautiful the world is.
◦ We stop appreciating what we have because we stop noticing.
◦ Restorative yoga helps you relax and slow down your pace for a while. This results in you observing things around you with more insight.
◦ You are able to learn a lot about your inner self through the slow paced movements of restorative yoga and look at the world with a different eye.

Connect to Your True Self

◦ The nature of restorative yoga is calm and slow with lots of focus on mindfulness and meditation.
◦ Through the flow between different poses, you keep your focus in tact which results in you getting closer to your spiritual self.
◦ You will learn about the tiny silent spaces in your brain which you didn't even know existed.
◦ You will learn how to enter those spaces and observe yourself and your thoughts from there and the whole experience will leave you much more conscious of your thoughts and feelings.
◦ When you feel closer to your true self, you also feel a lot more secure from the outward forces. This means you do not get anxious about the different things in life too easily and have a much steadier outlook at life.

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