Power Flow Yoga Information

What is power flow yoga?

Power flow yoga is a type of hot yoga or power yoga which is performed in the vinyasa style. Let us describe what both of these styles of yoga are to get a better understanding of power flow yoga. Power yoga, which is also known as hot yoga, is a form of yoga in which you perform very high-intensity moves. Power yoga effectively burns body fat and works by making the body feel hotter and sweatier. Heavy sweating is the most common result of power yoga which helps the body flush out toxins through the pores of the skin. To enhance its effects, power yoga is performed in a heated room so the body sweats more and feels more liberated. It increases the rate of your heartbeat and makes your body work much harder. Power yoga is therefore very helpful in helping you develop strength and flexibility in the body.

Flow yoga, also known as vinayasa yoga, is a very relaxed style of yoga which puts a lot of focus on breathing and coordination. Its very fundamental is mindfulness which means it is used as an exercise for the brain as well. Flow yoga is particularly known for its dance like structure as one position effectively flows into another gracefully. In power flow yoga, you will perform moves which will flow into each other in an environment that is more suitable for power yoga. The sequence of positions will also be a lot more intensive than a typical session of flow yoga.

n a typical session of power flow yoga, you will perform in a room which is heated to a temperature between 89 degree Fahrenheit and 95 degree Fahrenheit. This will stimulate sweating in your body and will increase your heart rate. The flow yoga moves will help you become mindful, elegant and aware. There are many benefits to this form of yoga because of how it combines two very different forms of yoga into a single form.

It facilitates weight loss

Power yoga is very effective for those who want to lose weight which is why power flow yoga is helpful in the process as well.
The vigorous flow of the body from one position to another will aid in weight loss and help you lose fat from the most difficult places as well.
The intensity of power flow yoga also increases metabolism in the body which means you digest food better and more effectively.

It is relaxing

Power flow yoga, although quite intense, is quite relaxing because of its focus on mindfulness.
The different positions and the flow calms the mind and helps it become more focused.
An improvement in the focus power and concentration skills is also something your brain gains by regularly performing power flow yoga.

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