Beginners Yoga Information

What is Beginners Yoga?

Yoga is one of those exercise systems which look like something exotic and highly desirable from afar but at the same time, they also seem scary because one does not know where to begin. Yoga involves a lot of stretching and flexing which can be formidable for those who have never had any exposure to the exercise system in their lives. If you are wondering how to get started with yoga and have no idea what you need to do for that, this post is going to help you with it.
Beginners yoga involves simpler moves and positions which can be achieved without much effort. As people learn and get accustomed to the positions, they upgrade to newer, more difficult ones which prove to be quite beneficial.


◦ Vajrasana is a very common yoga asana which is also quite simple.
◦ In vajrasana, you first need to sit in a cross legged position and then slowly move into a new position. Your right leg should be placed under your right thigh and your left leg should be under your right thigh.
◦ Maintain this position with a straight back and look right ahead.
◦ You have successfully learned how to do the vajrasana!


◦ Tadasana is a popular yoga position which is performed by young children who want to facilitate the growth of their body.
◦ For tadasana, all you need to do is stand straight and raise your arms as high as you can. Keep them straight and stay like this for as long as you can.
◦ Your spine and back will feel great from this asana as it is a great way to flex and exercise them.


◦ Vrikshasana is popularly known as the tree pose and is a common yoga position.
◦ It is not very difficult but does require you to balance yourself.
◦ To perform this asana, you need to stand upright with your legs apart. Now raise your left leg and bend your knee so as to touch the sole to the inner side of your right thigh. Join your hands and position them right in front of your chest.
◦ The position is great for improving balance and enhancing the muscular stability of the body.