Spa Treatments Information

What are spa treatments?

Spa – the luxurious pampering of the mind, body and the soul is a treatment which has numerous fans around the world. Who does not like the idea of relaxing in a spa? Spa, to most people, means soaking yourself in the therapeutic water of spa salons and it is something we all can love. However, spa is not just that – there could be dry spas as well. In many, various other types of therapies are also incorporated in the spa treatment such as massage and other beauty treatments. Spa treatments can give you so much – from utter and complete relaxation to relief from various types of mental and physical stress.

The following types of spa treatments have their own unique benefits and will suit different needs.

Destination spa

a destination spa is a vacation spa. These spas are usually located near natural sources of mineral water and hot springs but can also be artificially constructed. You spend a few days enjoying and relaxing in the spa and work on improving your health. This spa treatment is very popular with those who want to rejuvenate and recharge themselves after a long time doing their monotonous and strenuous work. A lot of the time, destination spas consists of guests performing certain activities and sports which are beneficial for the health.

Ayurvedic spa

Ayurvedic spa, as its name suggests, is a spa treatment which incorporates elements of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine. This spa treatment is used to boost the immune system, help cure certain ailments, and improve certain chronic conditions. The spa consists of yoga, diets, and detoxification of the body using certain herbal concoctions. Ayurvedic spa is very beneficial for the health.

Thermal spa

Thermal spas are built around a naturally occurring source of mineral water hot springs. The natural heat from these hot springs is very beneficial for the health as it boosts the metabolism, relaxes the muscles, and enhances blood circulation. The overall result is complete relaxation and improvement of both mental and physical health.

Medical spa

Medical spa treatments are specifically designed for those who want a certain medical treatment done. It is like a traditional spa treatment but focuses on certain treatments which are performed by a licensed medical practitioner. These treatments are usually cosmetic in nature. Microdermabrasion, Botox, chemical peeling, and other such treatments are usually part of the medical spa treatment.

Thermolassotherapy spa

Thermolassotherapy is just like thermal spa except that instead of using natural hot springs for the treatment, it uses the natural warm sea water. Warm sea water has many beneficial curative properties such as healing pains, and de-stressing the persons indulging themselves in the spa treatments. It is a very helpful and beneficial spa treatment.

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