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A foot spa is a relaxing procedure which is a great way to take care of your feet. The technique is very useful in meeting all the demands of your feet and relaxing and rejuvenating them. A foot spa is also used to detoxify your feet and make them cleaner, more energetic. How is a foot spa performed?

The procedure consists of soaking feet in warm water which contains essential oils and other salts, scrubbing feet, massaging them, then detoxifying the feet, and finally moisturising them. These steps can also be followed by the application of nail paint. You can either go to a salon for a professional treatment or prepare a foot spa on your own as well. For performing foot spa on your own, you need some common products such as nail clippers and moisturising foot lotions. However, the most important equipment for a professional level foot spa is foot detox machine.

A foot spa comes with many benefits which makes it a good idea to regularly indulge your feet in the relaxing treatment. These include:

• Improvement in blood circulation – you can improve the circulation of blood to your feet through foot spa.

• Relief from stress – foot spa is very relaxing and rids you of your daily stress.

• Detoxification – you will be able to detoxify your body and release toxins in the process of foot spa. This is very beneficial for your body and helps improve the overall health of your body.

• Relief from pain – you can expect relief from joint pain and stiffness after foot spa.

To perform a foot spa, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Wash the feet and clean them properly. Use a foot cleanser for the process and dry them using a soft towel.

2. Prepare a water solution in the foot spa machine using your favorite essential oils and salts. A detox foot bath made of warm water with added epsom salt and tea tree oil is a good example of a good detoxifying foot soak bath. Soak your feet in the bath for 15 to 20 minutes and relax while you do so.

3. Exfoliate your feet by scrubbing them using a pumice stone or even a nail filer. After you have scrubbed the different parts of your foot such as ankle, heel, and sides of the heel, put your foot back in the foot spa machine and repeat the process for your other process.

4. Now, exfoliate using a foot scrub cream. Massage the scrub cream on each foot for 5 to 10 minutes in gentle, circular motions. Dip your feet back in the bath after scrubbing.

5. Now, clean your feet using a soft towel and use a foot moisturising cream to moisturise your now dried feet. Massage your feet gently for around 5 minutes.

Your feet are now clean, invigorated, and refreshed - soft like a baby.

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