Foot Scrub Information

What is a foot scrub?

Most people ignore the wellness of their feet and highly underestimate their importance. Your feet are very important for your well being which is why you should take the utmost care of them. A foot scrub is a way to take care of the skin on your feet and help them remain healthy and soft. A regular foot scrub is something everyone should incorporate in their lifestyle. But why is a foot scrub so important? It is necessary because the treatment will effectively remove the dead skin cells from your feet and promote the growth of new ones. Also, a scrub will remove the dirt that might be stuck in the crevices of your skin and make your feet much cleaner.
Those who let dead skin accumulate on their feet suffer from numerous problems, the most common being cracked heels. It is not uncommon for people who ignore their feet.

A foot scrub can be performed on its own or can be used to prepare the feet before a pedicure or any other procedure such as a foot spa. It will effectively soften the skin and make it easy for your beautician to work with your feet and give you a better treatment. Frequent and regular exfoliation of your skin, no matter on which part of the body it is, is essential to keep it youthful and vital. If you want to perform a foot scrub on your own, the following steps will guide you toward the process to getting healthy, soft, and clean feet.

1. Before you get started with anything, it is important to wash and clean your feet of any kind of visible impurity. Dust and dirt should be removed during this step and you should be left with feet that are clean and free from external dirt.

2. In this step, you need to soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes. Fill your tub with warm water and add your favorite essential oils and salts to it for added benefit. A foot bath which has epsom salt and tea tree oil is a commonly used solution and very effective in helping you relax and detoxify your feet. Soak your feet in the bath for 10 minutes and relax. This step will soften your skin including the dead skin cells covering your skin. This means it will be easier for you to exfoliate your feet in the next step.

3. Get a pumice stone or even a nail filer for this step. Scrub the different parts of your foot with the scrubber and be gentle. Do not ignore any part of your feet. Scrub your ankles well for relaxation. It is essential that you scrub the heel, and sides of the heel to avoid cracks.

4. Soak your feet again in the warm water for 5 minutes and then clean them with a soft towel afterwards. Moisturize with a foot cream and you are done!