Body Scrub Information

What is a Body Scrub?

The skin cells of your body are constantly dying and regenerating. The process is never ending and as new cells take birth, you maintain the stability of your youthful appearance. However, with time and certain factors, the rate of new skin cells being generated decreases. The dead skin cells stay in their place and either they don't let the new cells show or just block their growth process. This means it is necessary to get rid of them so you can make way for the new skin cells.

Get Rid of Dead Skin

A body scrub will remove all the dead cells from your skin and facilitate the growth of new skin cells. It is important to get a regular body scrub if you want your skin to look and feel rejuvenated and glowing. However, overdoing things can be harmful and you could actually harm your skin if you scrub your body more than what you are supposed to.

Sugar Based Body Scrubs

◦ A natural, sugar based body scrub is great for anyone who wants mild exfoliation for their skin.
◦ For this scrub, you can use granulated white sugar or even brown sugar depending on your choice.
◦ Mix five tablespoons of sugar with three tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply this paste as a scrub on your skin and it will exfoliate and clean very nicely.
◦ You can come up with your own versions of the scrub with sugar as a base.

Herbal Body Scrubs

◦ A herbal body scrub is made from a variety of herbal products.
◦ There are a lot of options to choose from but usually, herbal oils are combined with a sugar or a salt base to create an exfoliating body scrub for the skin.
◦ Common herbal body scrubs include the use of rose petals, orange peels, and essential oils.

Salt Based Body Scrubs

◦ If you want a not so gentle body scrub, using salts for the base is a good idea.
◦ Salt body scrubs use different types of salts as their base and are usually much more abrasive than sugar scrubs.
◦ Common salts used for the treatment include kosher salt, epsom salt, and the usual sea salt.

Coffee Body Scrubs

◦ Coffee body scrub is a great idea for anyone who wants to get rid of cellulite.
◦ Coffee is a natural stimulant which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite on various areas of your body and make your skin look much more even and smoother.

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