Studio Pilates Information

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a very effective physical fitness system which offers numerous health benefits and is great for shaping up the body. The fitness system of studio pilates comprises a series of movements which focus on many aspects of the body's health. With studio pilates, you work to improve muscular endurance, strengthen the muscles of the core, and burn excessive body fat to replace it with lean muscle. Studio pilates is not an aerobic exercise which means that it should be accompanied by some kind of aerobic workout as well for the best results. The exercises which are a part of this fitness system give you stronger muscles and a leaner, healthier physique.

Strengthen and Tone

◦ Through careful use of your own body weight, you will exert pressure in a way your muscles will stretch and flex in different ways.
◦ The result will be much stronger muscles which will also look toned.
◦ Studio pilates is quite demanding and requires you to have a lot of precision and control over your moves which helps your muscles become much stronger.

Burn Fat

◦ Studio pilates increases your metabolism and forces your body to perform a lot of extra work.
◦ To do the extra work, it needs to spend energy and that energy is taken from the fat cells of the body. This leads to lesser body fat in the body.
◦ The muscles are flexed and stretched during these workouts which results in them getting bigger and much more noticeable.

Increase Flexibility

◦ It is important to have flexible muscles because having flexible muscles decreases the chances of getting injured radically and enables one to push their limits continuous.
◦ The moves in studio pilates require you to flex your muscles to their extremes which helps make them a lot more flexible.
◦ You will be able to reduce stiffness in the different joints of the body through regular workout. The exercises target the joints and make them a lot more flexible.

Improve Posture

◦ An improved posture means a straighter spine which leads to a taller and leaner frame – a highly desirable trait for the body.
◦ The exercises in studio pilates force your body to stay in certain postures during the course of workout which helps improves your posture greatly.

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