Prenatal Pilates Information

What is prenatal pilates?

Pilates is a well known and highly effective physical fitness system. It offers numerous benefits to those who follow it and many of the moves, when modified appropriately, can also be incorporated in a pregnant woman's workout routine. Prenatal pilates consists of a series of movements which focus on muscular endurance and strengthening of muscle groups functional during childbirth.
Pilates also helps increase flexibility which means less joint stiffness and pain – a common discomfort during pregnancy. Prenatal pilates will also help you remain fit which will increase the chances of delivering a healthy baby. Here are top reasons why prenatal pilates is your best friend:

Stronger pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor is a very important part of the anatomy when it comes to pregnancy.
As the baby grows inside the uterus, the pelvic floor's role also increases as it now has to support a larger baby.
Stronger muscles will support the uterus better which is something you want for yourself as well as your growing offspring.
Another reason why pelvic floor muscles are so important is that they help you deliver the baby. Strong muscles will make the labor period much less laborious for you while if your muscles are weak, you would face more problems and risks.

Stronger muscles in your core

Your abdominal muscles or the core of your body are very important for your baby as they are central and have numerous functions.
It is important that these muscles are strong because the growing fetus needs the support of these stabilizer muscles.
A stronger core will also enable you to return back to your pre-pregnancy body much more easily and quicken your recovery.
If a woman's core muscles are not well connected to the rest of the body, it is difficult for things to go back to as they were before pregnancy. This is why it is so important to strengthen your core when you are pregnant.

Better control over breathing

Anyone would tell you how breathing capabilities change when you are pregnant.
As the baby gets bigger and the uterus expands, the diaphragm is also pushed upwards which makes the lungs' capacity smaller.
A pregnant woman finds it more difficult to breathe because of this.
Prenatal pilates can help improve your breathing and make it possible for a pregnant women to take deep breaths much more easily.
Exercises that are a part of any prenatal pilates workout make use of breath control and connection which is helpful in preparing your body for delivery as your baby grows in your womb.

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