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Clinical Pilates

Everyone knows about pilates – it is a very effective workout and physical fitness system that strengthens muscles and gives your body a kind of flexibility that helps improve its efficiency.

Pilates is also a great way to lose weight and make your body a very fit one. Regular pilates is suitable for most people but not for those who have a history of muscle injuries. For them, a variation has been devised which is known as clinical pilates.

Clinical pilates is fundamentally different from regular pilates in many ways. The major difference between the two is that clinical pilates is more of a medical treatment than a workout.

A clinical pilates trainer is a certified physiotherapist who has an in depth knowledge about injury and exercise. This person also knows about pathology, the healing patterns of the body, and thus, can effectively assess a patient and determine which exercises are the best for them.

Clinical pilates has numerous benefits and should be used by anyone who has a body that is prone to getting injured. These include:

• Great workout for the elderly

◦ The elderly find it hard to move their body and are prone to getting injured.

◦ Performing pilates under the guidance and supervision of a physiotherapist is a great way to remain healthy at an age where you are prone to so many diseases.

• Prevention of injuries

◦ Clinical pilates is designed to minimise the risk associated with regular pilates and other exercises.

• Improvement in balance

◦ Regularly performing clinical pilates is great for your balance which assists in injury prevention.

• Tones muscles

◦ Clinical pilates is a great and extremely safe way to tone your muscles.

◦ The workout targets all major muscle groups and helps strengthening the core muscles, pelvic floor muscles, as well as upper back muscles.

• Increase in bone density

◦ A great benefit which comes from regularly performing clinical pilates is an increase in the bone density.

◦ Your bones will get stronger and denser which leads to a better health and posture overall.

• Better functioning of the pelvic floor

◦ Clinical pilates tones and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles which leads to an improvement in their regular performance.

• Relief from spinal pain

◦ Clinical pilates is a great way to get rid of spinal pain as the exercises target the back muscles and tones them.

• Improves posture

◦ Your posture affects your health and the chances of you getting injured.

◦ People who stand, sit, and move in the right way face less probability of injuring themselves.

Clinical pilates is a great workout routine and can be followed by members of all age groups. It is safe and can be highly effective in improving the general health of your body. If you fear getting injured during a workout, following clinical pilates is a great way to get fit.

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