SNS Nails Information

What are SNS Nails?

SNS or Signature Nail System is a nail dipping system which is used to as nail extensions and enhancers. A gel base is brushed all over the nail and the nail is then dipped into a powder. The powder comes in a variety of colours and is responsible for making nails stronger and resistant to breakage. The powder is made from organic chemicals and is usually much safer than other alternatives out there. It is composed of organic chemicals including benzoyl peroxide, titanium dioxide, and acrylic ester polymer. There are many reasons why SNS is such a popular choice among various nail technicians and nail art enthusiasts. Not only is SNS organic and safe for use, it also creates a very natural look and a strong base for the nail.

Benefits of SNS

Here are some benefits of SNS:

It has a natural appeal – the best thing about SNS is probably its natural look. The SNS nail extensions are very thin and blend well with the rest of the fingers and create a very appealing look. In comparison, shellac and acrylic nails are thicker and don't offer the same natural look that SNS does.

It is strong – despite being thin, SNS nail extensions are actually quite strong and do not break easily. The nails also don't file easily and thus, make for a more comfortable option than others.


It is not difficult to maintain SNS nail extensions. However, experts suggest that they need refill every two to three weeks. The nail extension, in itself, is not damaging to the natural nail underneath but if not removed properly, can peel off layers of the original nail and cause it to weaken and break. A professional can ensure minimum damage during the procedure, which is why one should seek professional assistance only when they want to get the extensions removed.

Written by Giovanni Macizzio, beauty industry expert.