Shellac Nails Information

What are Shellac nails?

Shellac nails are a blend of gel and nail polish which is used to strengthens nails and cuticles. Shellac is a brilliant way to ensure durability of nails and nail paint. However, since shellacs are not fake nails but just a blend of gel and nail paint, they will not elongate the nails and only strengthen them. Salons promise that shellacs last for two or even three weeks. Shellac gels can also last up to a month but the speed of nail growth also determines how often one needs to get their nails fixed.

Maintaining Shellac Nails

Shellacs need to be exposed to UV radiation in order to harden it and fix it. This should not be harmful to your health if the exposure is occasional. In many salons, the UV lamps are replaced by LED lamps to minimise the risk. However, one can always take precautions by applying a sunscreen before the exposure. Even though shellacs last much longer than regular nail paints, after some time they too will start to peel out. When that happens, you can either get your nails redone or remove the shellacs completely. The process of removing shellac gel is not as simple as removing regular nail paint and it is advised that you go to your salon to have it properly removed.

Further Information