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A Guide to Home Manicures

Your hands do all the work you need. It is difficult to imagine what kind of life one would have to live if one didn't have hands. This is why they deserve some extra love from you and manicure is a great way to show them how adored and appreciated they are. It is not feasible to always go to a salon to get a manicure since it is time consuming and can even feel expensive for some. If you have some time on your hands and are ready to give your hands that special care, you can do a manicure on your own.

Manicure is a simple process and takes only a bit of your time and effort. The following steps should be followed for a perfect manicure session.

1. Prepare your nails

1. Use a nail paint remover to remove any existing nail paint on your nails.

2. Clip your nails using a nail clipper and then file them to give them a nice, even shape. The shape could be square, round, or something in the middle.

3. Push your cuticles back gently with a cuticle stick but don't overdo it or you could make your nails prone to infection.

2. Exfoliate your hands

1. Use a hand scrub and use it to scrub your hands, wrists, as well as your forearms.

2. The scrub is used to remove all the dead skin cells from the skin of your hands.

3. If you don't have a hand scrub, you can also use a facial scrub for the procedure and it is not exactly a problem.

4. Wash your hands with water and dry them with a soft towel.

3. Moisturise your hands

1. Moisturise your hands using a hand moisturiser and massage your hands for at least 5 minutes.

2. Moisturising your hands is an important step and should be done immediately after exfoliating the hands.

3. Give yourself a hand massage and relax while you do so.

4. After you have massaged your hands enough, use a nail paint remover to remove the moisturiser on your nails. This is important if you want to apply nail paint as moisturiser can cause the colour to smudge.

4. Apply nail polish

1. Apply a base coat of a buff and let it dry for at least two minutes. This layer will help prevent chipping of the nail color.

2. Now, apply the first coat of your favourite nail colour paint nicely. Start from the tip of your nails and go way down to the cuticles. Let it dry for two minutes.

3. Now, apply a second coat of the same color and you are done!

Easy, right? If you are quick with the steps, you can perform a manicure in a very limited period of time and get the soft, clean hands you want.

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