Bio Sculpture Nails Information

What is bio sculpture nails?

Long and strong nails are not just desirable, they are also very useful. Brittle nails can be painful and also interfere with how your hands work. So, if you want to strengthen your nails, bio sculpture nails is what you need.

Bio sculpture nails or bio sculpture gel is applied to your natural nails. The nails are then exposed to UV light under which it hardens and thus, strengthens the nail it is applied on. It is just a one step system and is very effective. The system can also be used for nails which are covered with a gel extension or any other type of nail extension already and will strengthen it as well.

Bio sculpture gels are not just useful for strengthening and extending the nails, they also have use in adding a dash of color to them. When the clear gel used for the bio sculpture nails is mixed with a color pigment, the result is a gel which will give you strong nails that are beautifully colored. The colored gel looks exactly like a nail paint and will not chip or wear off for weeks. Many like to go for colored bio sculpture nails because of its natural appearance, strength, and durability.

The best thing about bio sculpture nails is that they are not prone to shattering under pressure. The flexible substance which they are made of will not break but will be able to withstand pressures just like natural nails do. When applied correctly, the system will stay in its place and act as a strong extension for the nail. However, there are cases where it can crack and one should try to avoid putting their nails in those conditions at all costs. When you cover your bio sculpture nails with a layer of any other nail paint, the underneath layers get exposed to formaldehyde, a major component of most nail paints. This exposure leads to the dehydration of the gel surface which can cause it to break. Thus, remember that if you want to add color to your bio sculpture nails, do it by mixing color pigment with the gel before application rather than applying a nail paint coat over it after you have covered your nails with the gel.

Many people have to work in places where their hands are immersed in water for continuous hours. For instance, homemakers who do the dishes will find their hands in water for long periods of time. This gives rise to the question if water will damage the gel. The answer is no. bio sculpture nails are water resistant and will not be affected by it in any way. Water will not stain or damage your nails because of their strength and flexibility.

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