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What are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are a type of artificial nails which are more permanent and long lasting than other alternatives. Some people might like to use them for cosmetic purposes or some would want them to repair their damaged fingernails or strengthen them. One can use acrylic nails to cover their entire natural nail or just add it to the tips to extend its length. The process will involve your nail technician to brush a mixture of liquid and powder onto your nail. The mix can be shaped the way you want it and will harden as it is exposed to the air.


Like nail colors, acrylic nails will also grow out with your nails and will need to be filled in every two to three weeks, depending on the growth speed of your natural fingernails. The process of maintaining the nail is not very complex and your technician will simply file down the extending edge of the acrylic nail and fill in the space between your natural nail bed and the artificial nail. You can also have the nail removed with ease. Your technician will immerse your hands in nail paint remover for around 15 minutes and the artificial nail will come off. No kind of force is required during the removal process and it is very gentle.

It is possible that your nail gets stuck in some place which can cause it to break. The breakage will need to be repaired by your nail technician. Ignoring it can be dangerous because in some cases, the seal can come off as well which means the natural nail which was previously covered is now suddenly exposed to air and moisture. This will make the nail prone to fungal infections.

Acrylic Nails at Home

Some people might not want to go to a nail technician for having their nails done and would like to put on the acrylic nails on their own. The process is not very complicated but does require you to have a stable hand. You can buy an acrylic nails kit to get started as it usually contains all the supplies that you need.

Before the application of the acrylic nail, your natural nail should be clean and slightly rough. Thus, you should first remove any previous nail paint remaining on your nails using a nail paint remover. Do not peel the paint off because it will make the nail thinner and damage it. Also, trim and file the nails nicely before applying the acrylic nail as the trimmed nail will act as a more solid and shapely base to the acrylic nail.

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