Tui Na Massage Information

What is Tui Na Massage?

Massage therapy is an experience which is one of the most relaxing and divine experiences in the world. The therapy works for all kinds of pains and aches and helps you feel relieved. A session of massage therapy will also be a boon for the tired and stressed brain. There is nothing better than seasoned hands performing techniques on different parts of your body to relax it in a unique and sure way. There are so many different types of techniques which are employed to resolve numerous problems of the body and each technique is unique in its own way. Tui na massage is one such technique.

Tui na massage therapy is a technique which has been followed in China for over 2000 years. The ancient massage therapy is based on the Chinese medicine concept of qi – the vital universal energy which flows through us all. Tui na massage uses rhythmic compression techniques to remove blockages that might be present in the body's qi flow. The balance of qi is very important for a healthy body and imbalances can cause numerous types of discomforts and illnesses in the body.

Tui na sessions typically go on for 30 to 45 minutes. If the case, however, is too serious and requires extra attention, the duration of the session can be increased to much longer. Tui na massage is a very specific kind of treatment and focuses on the specific problem at hand. For instance, those suffering from chronic pains will have this problem addressed in the tui na session. The therapist will strategically massage the body in such a way that the patient gets relief and feels much better when the session is over.

Tui na massage is used extensively for the treatment of chronic pains associated with arthritis. These pains can never be completely cured but tui na massage helps the patient cope with them better. A regular massage will reduce the pain considerably and allow the patient to feel relieved and much less in pain.

Tui na massage also makes use of acupressure techniques to remove qi blockages from the body and maintain its balance. By facilitating the flow of qi, a tui na massage therapist keeps the energy flowing through the different meridians of the body. The most common outcome of any tui na session is a relaxed person whose pain has been considerably reduced.

Tui na massage has become a very popular type or massage therapy because of the fact that it works on both the spiritual as well as the physical wellness of the patient. The second reason why people across the world prefer this treatment is that it is a specific massage which is modified to suit individual needs. Unlike other massage therapies which provide a general set of benefits to the patients, tui na massage will help resolve a specific set of problems.

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