Swedish Massage Information

Swedish Massage

Massage therapy is one of the best ways to relax your muscles, de-stress your mind, and attain a peaceful state of mind and body. The very word massage brings the image of a person lying on a massage table and having their shoulders and back rubbed in ecstatic strokes.

The image itself is so relaxing that you feel your shoulder muscles relax. Massage therapy sessions are highly soothing and anyone who likes to relax and loves their muscles get pampered should try it.

So, what is Swedish massage? Swedish massage is a popular type of massage which is a very general and light handed therapy. For anyone who does not want to get a deep, more intense massage or wants to prepare their body for something more intense, Swedish massage is the ideal way to do so. This is why Swedish massage is also used as an introductory massage therapy for many sessions.

Benefits of Swedish massage

The Swedish massage technique is much different from other massage techniques as it uses long and gentle strokes to relax the muscles. This technique has many, many benefits which is why everyone should give it a try. These include:

• Relaxation

◦ A typical Swedish massage session goes on for about an hour and is one of the most relaxing hours you will ever experience.

◦ The long, light strokes which are characteristic of this type of massage therapy effectively relax your body and mind as you close your eyes and feel seasoned hands pressing into your body.

◦ The strokes relax all muscles individually and eliminates joint stiffness.

• Increased blood circulation

◦ Through its long strokes, Swedish massage effectively increases the circulation of blood to various parts of your body.

◦ The movement and pressure of the strokes in a standard Swedish massage emulate the circulatory system.

◦ The nature of the massage stimulates the underlying circulatory system which leads to increased blood flow and removal of bodily waste.

• Relief from pain

◦ Swedish massage sessions target areas that cause you pain and releases the tightness in the affected regions.

◦ The massage is a great way to get relief from pain which could be because of injury or even joint stiffness.

• No more anxiety and stress

◦ Swedish massage is extremely relaxing and by giving yourself away to its refined power, you can eliminate all the stress of the day.

◦ There is scientific evidence that Swedish massage helps individuals de-stress which leads to lower the chances of stress related depression in them.

◦ This is because massage decreases the production of cortisol – the stress hormone and increases the production of endorphins and serotonin which leads to your mind and body feeling good.

• Lymphatic drainage

◦ The characteristic long and light strokes of Swedish massage help move lymphatic fluids in the right direction out of clogged regions in the system.

Try Swedish massage today to experience its power and effectiveness.

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