Reflexology Information

What is Reflexology

Don't we all love getting our feet rubbed and massaged with tender and seasoned hands that know how much pressure to apply and when? Isn't it a wonderful feeling to experience? The very thought of it evokes images of relaxation and peace in most people's minds. Foot reflexology is a type of foot massage but not any foot massage – it is a very sophisticated one which does more benefits than just relaxing your feet. A reflexologist is a person who performs a foot reflexology session for his or her patients and is well versed in the field.

Deep and Complete Relaxation

◦ The reflex regions connected with stress and tension are massaged during foot reflexology sessions.
◦ When pressed, these regions stimulate the production of endorphins and restrict the production of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress.
◦ The result is complete relaxation and peace of mind during the foot reflexology session.

Reduce Aches and Pains

◦ The stimulation of certain reflex regions on the feet lead to increased production of endorphins which means that the sensation of pain is blocked and the person feels more relaxed.
◦ You get significant relief from different types of pains through foot reflexology.
◦ Also, by pressing certain reflex regions on the feet, the massage therapist is able to effectively relieve you from ailments like cold, headache, etc. as well.

Improve Memory Function

◦ Pressing certain reflex regions of the feet leads to an improvement in circulation of blood to the brain.
◦ The fresh blood to the brain encourages the production of new brain cells and improves the working of the existing cells.
◦ This leads to an improvement in the mental health and a significant enhancement of the memory.

Improvement in Circulation

◦ The stimulation of the feet leads to an improvement in the blood flow in not just feet but other parts of the body as well.
◦ Foot reflexology is a great way to supply oxygenated blood to the vital organs of the body.

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