Lymphatic Drainage Massage Information

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

To understand what lymphatic drainage massage is, one first needs to grasp the concept of the lymphatic system of the body. Lymphatic system of the body is a network of tissues and organs which are designed to remove toxins from the body. The toxins and wastes are picked from various parts of the body which are then carried by a liquid called lymph. Lymph carries these waste products to the lymph nodes where they are destroyed.

Drain Those Lymph Nodes

The lymphatic system is very different from circulatory system but works in collaboration with it to make sure the tissues and organs in your body remain clean. It is responsible for draining extra fluids from the space between different tissues and plays a critical role in the immune system of the body. A well functioning lymphatic system means a well functioning body which is not prone to illnesses an ailments. When there is some kind of problem with the system, you will notice your immunity reducing and your likelihood of catching various diseases increasing.

Knowledge Is Power

The massage therapist who has been assigned to give you a lymphatic drainage massage has a clear understanding of how the lymphatic system works and knows how to assist your body in clearing out toxins more effectively. Most of the vessels of the lymphatic system are located right below the skin of your body and through the application of little pressure on them, one can stimulate the system to work more effectively. The massage technique effectively frees up and remaps lymphatic drainage pathways.

Tell Me The Benefits!!

To benefit from the therapy, you do not have to have any particular issue with your body or be of a certain age. The therapy works well for everyone and has general as well as specific benefits. Here is a non comprehensive list of some of the many benefits you receive if you go for lymphatic drainage massage:
• Improvement in immune system – the lymphatic system and its functioning is closely associated with the immunity of your body. Through lymphatic drainage massage, you improve the working of your lymphatic system and thus, improve the overall immune system of the body.
• Relaxation – the strokes involved in a lymphatic drainage massage session have been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels in the body and cause mental relaxation. The rhythm and pressure applied by the massage therapist are very relaxing and have a rejuvenating action.

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