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What is Head Massage?

A head massage or scalp massage is a treat for everyone who wants to relax and attain some benefits of the therapy. A head massage effectively takes away all the stress of the day and makes you feel so much better about life. Many people get a head massage from a professional therapist on a regular basis not only because of its relaxing effect but also because it comes with some great health benefits. The many advantages of the therapy have encouraged people around the world to use this treatment for getting rid of numerous ailments and discomforts.

Relief From Headaches

◦ You could have a headache from numerous reasons. It could be because you haven't been sleeping well or it could also be a result of sinus.
◦ The most obvious benefit of a good quality head massage is relief from headache. No matter why you are experiencing the uncomfortable effect, a head massage will definitely alleviate its intensity and make you feel much better.
◦ A head massage works well for headaches because it presses and strokes the muscles of the scalp which are afflicted with pain. This releases the tension in your head muscles and relaxes them which leads to a significant reduction in pain.

Promotes Hair Growth

◦ The firm and deep motions of a head massage effectively improve the circulation of blood under the scalp. This results in more oxygen being supplied to the hair roots and follicles.
◦ Regular massage leads to your follicles receiving more nourishment, especially when herbal oils are used for the treatment.
◦ This encourages the hair strands to grow stronger, longer, and thicker. It is a great way to get thick and beautiful hair.

Relieve Stress

◦ A head massage is a very therapeutic activity which leads to better circulation of blood and more oxygenation of your brain cells.
◦ The increased circulation of the blood rejuvenates the brain cells and it also improves the mood significantly. It is not uncommon for people to feel much happier after receiving a nice head massage.
◦ The relaxed and happy feeling is also due to the release of endorphins which are also known as the feel good hormone.

Sleep Better

◦ It is not uncommon for stressed people to have issues with their sleep. Many people observe disruptions in their sleep patterns because of their work.
◦ If you are suffering from discomfort because of not being able to sleep well, a head massage is a great way to resolve the problem.
◦ The relaxing therapy reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and induces a feeling of comfort and well being which is great for sleep.

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