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What is Full Body Massage?

Full body massage is a process which has been long known for bringing about intense relief and making the recipient feel much better in numerous ways. Massage is not just a simple act of rubbing into the muscles of the body, skin, and joints, but can also involve application of stationary or moving pressure, vibration, tension etc.

There are many benefits to a full body massage. Some of the most commonly heard ones are relaxation and relief from pain and stiffness. Many people experiencing any kind of muscle stiffness feel instantly better after a full body massage session which targets every muscle of the body but these are not the only benefits. There are many other physiological as well as psychological benefits of receiving a full body massage. A body creates mechanical responses to the pressure, movement, and vibrations as well as reflex response to the stimulation of nerves.

Psychological Benefits

Not being able to cope with stress well can lead to many other conditions including anxiety and depression.
Psychological benefits of full body massage include reduction in anxiety levels and symptoms of depression.
Full body massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which leads to relaxation and stress relief, which in turn decreases the chances of developing depression and even raise happiness levels in people.

Benefits for Muscles

Most people go to massage parlours to treat muscular stiffness and improve how their body feels.
Since full body massage works into your muscles with careful movement and vibration, it can lead to decreased muscular tightness and stiffness.
This leads to enhanced flexibility and promotes movement in those parts of the body which might have stopped responding too well.
The manipulation of muscles also leads to improved blood circulation and flow throughout the muscular system and each one feels rejuvenated because of this activation.

Benefits for Joints and Bones

Your joints are also an area which is targeted by massage therapists during a full body session.
Many joints like knees, wrists, etc. need special attention because of how we put unnecessary stress on them throughout the day.
Massage improves joint mobility, muscle tone, and balance by reducing the thickness of muscle tissue.

Cardiovascular Benefits

A full body massage helps improve the blood circulation and flow to muscles.
This is very beneficial for the health of the heart and blood vessels which work more efficiently after stimulation.
This also helps decrease the heart rate and blood pressure.

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