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What is a Foot Massage

Isn't it a wonderful and absolutely relaxing experience to have our feet rubbed and massaged? Don't we all want to feel those seasoned hands working on our muscles with skill and taking away all the stress we endured prior to the therapy? The very thought of getting our feet massaged brings the thoughts of utter relaxation and peace to the mind. A foot massage by professionals is a great way to attain relaxation but that is not the only benefit of the therapy. Foot massage has numerous advantages which makes it one of the most desirable therapies for yourself. Here is a list of the many benefits of foot massage which will make you want one right away! All these benefits are scientifically proven so no, these are not just some “commonly experienced effects”.

Improve Circulation

◦ Foot massage is a great way to improve blood circulation in your body.
◦ Your feet have several reflex regions which get stroked and stimulated when you are receiving a casual (or even professional) relaxing foot massage.
◦ The strokes and presses during the foot massage improve the circulation of blood in not just the feet but also the different areas of body.

Stimulate Reflex Areas

◦ The stimulation of reflex regions of the body during a foot massage has many benefits.
◦ The gentle strokes of hand and pressure from fingers are able to relieve you from different types of pains, aches, and ailments.

Improve Joint Mobility

◦ The joints of your toes and in your ankles are very important for the posture and stability of your body.
◦ Foot massage removes the stiffness from these joints and makes it more comfortable for you to move them.
◦ A stiff ankle can lead to cramps and increases the risk of injuries as well.
◦ Regular foot massage is great to keep your joints happy.

Lower Blood Pressure

◦ A foot massage is a very relaxing therapy and effectively lowers the blood pressure of the body.
◦ This makes it a great therapy for those suffering from heart problems and diabetes.

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