Facial Massage Information

What is a facial massage?

Do you feel tired? Do you think your facial skin feels loose and needs a good treatment? A facial massage may be the best way to rejuvenate not just your facial skin but your mind and spirit as well. A nice facial massage which is performed with seasoned hands will relax you deeply and give you great satisfaction. There are a variety of facial massage techniques and all of them have quite unique benefits. While some can give you a more aesthetic looking skin, others will remove the stress from your facial muscles. Here is a list of some very effective facial massage techniques along with the benefits they have.


Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” in Japanese this is exactly what shiatsu technique is all about. In shiatsu, pressure is applied on affected muscles using thumbs, fingers, and other joints with just the right amount of pressure.
The technique is based on the stimulation of the meridians of the body which are specific joints and other important points in the body.
When the right amount of pressure is applied on these meridians, shiatsu leads to easing the body and mind greatly. The technique is used for facial massage and is very effective in releasing the muscle tension and tightening up loose skin.
Shiatsu is extensively used to diminish the appearance of lines on the face and improve circulation. The technique also promotes collagen production which results in a younger looking, flexible skin.

Chinese acupressure facial massage

Chinese medicine is well known for its focus on balancing the energies and the natural treatment for various issues. Chinese acupressure technique is a very effective and popular way to give you a lovely facial massage too.
In this method, pressure is applied on the acu points of your face which are stimulated to release tension and tone and lift the skin.
This facial massage therapy is especially beneficial if you want to give your skin a lift.

Ayurvedic facial massage

The ayurvedic facial massage therapy is based on the traditional Indian medicine of Ayurveda.
It is a wonderful technique which makes use of light strokes placed strategically on the various parts of your face to tighten, lift, and stimulate the tissue.
Fingers move in circular motions to stimulate the flow of blood in your skin and boost collagen production.

Facial cupping

For those suffering from puffiness, facial cupping is a great way to get rid of it.
Cupping on face reduces fine lines and improves the tone of your skin. It also stimulates the blood vessels on your face and improves the flow of blood substantially.
A nice facial massage is always beneficial when done on a regular basis. The numerous benefits it has for the skin and your routine are marvelous.

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