Chinese Massage Information

What is Chinese Massage

Chinese massage is an ancient massage therapy which has been practiced in China for centuries now. The therapy still continues to be in practice because of how effective it is. Like other Chinese medicine treatments, it is also based on the concept of qi. Qi is the energy which flows through all of us and if there is any disruption in its flow, it leads to discomfort and pains in the body. Chinese massage therapy manipulates muscles which are causing you discomfort and uses acupressure techniques opens up blocked paths of qi to direct its flow in the right direction and maintain balance. The massage therapy also makes use of skeletal manipulation techniques to correct posture and realign bones to fix stiffness and facilitate mobility. Needless to say, it is a very beneficial treatment and the centuries-old techniques are still used widely.

Enhance Qi Circulation

Qi circulation is extremely important for the overall health of the body. Imbalances in the flow of qi results in ailments that cause problems for us. Chinese massage therapy redirects the flow of qi and removes all blockages in the pathways. The treatment of different pressure points stimulates and re-energizes the circulation in the body.

Boost Mental Health

Proper flow of qi is not just important for the physical health of the body, it is also necessary for its mental and emotional health. The blockages in the flow of qi can cause layers of emotional pain and distress to build up. Certain mental conditions such as anxiety can also be a result of blocked qi passages. Freeing up these blockages and releasing and redirecting qi results in relaxation and improves the mental and emotional health.


Chinese massage therapy redirects the flow of qi which leads to the stimulation of energy in the body. You will feel very relaxed as well as rejuvenated at the end of a Chinese massage session. For those who suffer from sleep problems, the relaxation property of Chinese massage will help you sleep better.

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