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What is bamboo massage?

Bamboo and massage make a combination which is not so well known. While many people know the importance of bamboo in the south-east Asian countries like China and Indonesia, its use in massage did not exist until recently. Bamboo massage is based on extending and expanding the usual massage therapy with bamboo stalks.
In bamboo massage, stalks of varying lengths and diameters are placed on different areas of the body. These stalks are then rolled and pressed over the muscles and the results are quite beneficial. Here is a list of some very important benefits of a bamboo massage and reasons why you should get it.

Enhanced blood circulation

The strategic placement of differently sized bamboo stalks on the body and then moving them promotes blood circulation.
The movement of bamboo stalks over the blood vessels stimulates the flow of blood and clears any blockages that might be stopping new, oxygenated blood from reaching the vital organs of the body.
Your muscles will feel much more refreshed after a bamboo massage because of the smooth flow of fresh blood through them.

Deep tissue massage

One of the primary benefits of getting a bamboo massage is that it will effectively stimulate the deepest layers of your muscles.
When the right sized bamboo stalks are used for a massage therapy, they give the therapist an ease and freedom to use them for deep tissue work.
By applying pressure while moving the stalk, your therapist can easily massage the deep tissue of your muscles and effectively treat the parts of your body which are responsible for certain types of pain.
This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pains in various regions of their body as a deep tissue therapy will give a more long term solution for the problem at hand.

Lymphatic drainage

The movement of bamboo stalks over various portions of the body stimulates the lymphatic system as well and boosts the flow of lymph in the body.
A bamboo massage will promote the flow of lymph through the body and this will improve immunity and help your body get rid of more toxins.
The areas between different tissues will be cleaned more effectively because of the increased flow of lymph fluid.

Traditional benefits

Bamboo massage is not an old technique but one of the most recent ones.
However, it is inspired by the importance which south east Asian countries place on bamboo stalks and its basic principles go way back into the history of these cultures.
Fresh stalks of bamboo are a symbol of youth, vigor, longevity, and strength in these cultures.
Bamboo massage is a very beneficial and even though recent, its historical roots definitely add an element of ancient importance to it.

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