Permanent Hair Straightening Information

What is Permanent Hair Straightening>

The perfect straight hair which everyone wants and desires is not something which everyone is gifted naturally. While some people have a natural gift of beautiful and straight smooth hair, others have to work with what they have. Luckily, permanent hair straightening methods exist to help these people get what they aspire for.
People use temporary straightening methods such as hot flat iron rod but these methods are not lasting and need to be repeated everyday. Permanent hair straightening gives you a permanent solution for your wavy curls. Permanent hair straightening is a chemical method in which the texture of your hair is chemically changed to make it straight. There are two steps involved in the process. The first step involves the use of a sodium based chemical which breaks the keratin structure of your hair. This step changes the chemical structure of the bonds in your hair to make it more manageable and thus, easier to shape. The second step involves the use of an antioxidant which is used to give the broken keratin structure a desirable shape. Your hair strands will look straight and smooth after the procedure and the great news is that they will stay this way for at least a year!

Silky and Smooth Hair

The main advantage of going for chemical hair straightening treatment is that it gives you silky and smooth hair in just one sitting. Your hair will become very manageable and their enviable texture will surely add ounces of allure to your look.

Works for All Types of Hair

Another advantage of chemical permanent hair straightening is that it can be performed on all types of hair. If you hair is really frizzy and curly, the method will work and give you the same results as a person who had wavy and more manageable hair.

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