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Perm - A hairstyle that transcends time

Perm stands for permanent wave and is a chemical treatment in which the hair is curled in a way it has more volume and lots of wavy strands. Perm hairstyles have been very common since the nineteenth century! Celebrities have also been mesmerized by the timeless beauty of perm and have sported some of the most stunning hairstyles on their permed hair. Madonna is a timeless style icon who popularised perm. Her spiraling locks drew attention and praise from all around the world. Celebrities have not yet stopped styling their hair the perm way and continue to sport this wild hairstyle.

Each perm treatment consists of two parts. The first part involves physically wrapping your hair into the shape you prefer. There are many ways you could shape your perm hair and this part is purely based on your preference. The second part is where this shape is made permanent. Your hair is given a permanent bath which reforms the disulphide bonds in the hair. This leads to permanently shaping the hair into the wavy style you had shaped your hair in the first part of the treatment.

Before you go for the perm treatment, it is important to first repair damaged hair. If your hair is damaged and rough in any way, it needs to be smoothed and made healthy. If your hair has sustained damage from bleach, hot iron, or any other hair treatments you might have been going through previously, then it is a priority to first fix the damage. Damaged hair will not curl as much and the treatment can also make the ends of your hair brittle and prone to breakage. Prepare your hair before you dive into the treatment.

Also, remember that perm is a permanent hairstyle and can make the best and the healthiest hair look frizzy and unkempt. That is the basis of the appeal of this hairstyle and if you do not want to give up on your current hairstyle, then you should not go for a perm. Also, if you perm dry hair, you will get frizzy hair – that's for sure. Keep your hair conditioned and you will be good to go but it is rational to expect some damage from the chemical treatment. Follow whatever your stylist advises you to and you will be able to minimise the damage.

A perm will also lighten the color of your hair by a shade and if you have a problem with that, you should make it clear with your stylist. This will caution him or her to use a milder product and take special care so as to retain the color of your hair. A lot of people actually like the lighter shade of their hair after a perm session as it adds to the wild appeal of the hairstyle.

With perm hair, it is the best to wash it carefully and let it dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer because latter can cause it to get frizzy.

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