Men's Hair Information

What is men's hair?

A single type of haircut cannot justify all face shapes and as much men try to shy away from styling and taking care of their appearance, it is always a good idea to know more about your facial aesthetics before you dive into a particular style. Men's hair can be styled in a variety of ways and based on the shape of your face, you can choose certain styles easily because they will definitely suit you. This post will guide you on how to check what your face shape is and which hairstyle will suit you the best.

Long face

A long face is a symmetrical face shape which is much longer than it is wide. A long face comes with a rounded chin along with its jawline, forehead, and cheekbones being almost equally wide.
Most hairstyles go well with a long face and you can choose anything you may like – there are no limitations for you.

Square face

A square face is categorized by a squared and very well defined jawline. The jawline is the most obvious feature of the entire face while the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are about the same width.
The square face shape is considered ideal for men.
For a square shaped face, one would like to emphasize on the defined jawline. Classic short haircuts look great on square faces.
You can also sport a slight stubble on your face to add an extra emphasis on the masculine jawline.

Round face

A round face is a face which just as wide as it is long. The widest part of the face is cheeks for a round face and it is a very cute, baby like face shape. Men who have round faces would like to create an illusion of having a square shaped face with their hairstyle.
Because of the lack of any angles in the face, a round shaped face has very limited set of men's hair styles to choose from.
A hairstyle which is high on the top and does not have much on the sides will give an illusion of angles. Slight fringes in the front will also add an effect.
Round faced men should sport a beard because it hides the chubbiness of their cheeks and makes their face look a lot more angular. A beard which is longer at the bottom and not so full on the sides will also make the face appear longer.

Heart shaped face

A heart shape is categorized by a forehead which is wider than the rest of the face. The cheekbones are quite prominent and the chin is pointed and very small.
You want a hairstyle which will reduce the narrowness of the chin and for this, a swept look is a great choice.

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