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Everything You Need to Know about Keratin Treatment

Straight hair has been desirable for as long as one can remember. When your hair is smooth and does not have all that frizz, you know how great it feels and looks. It is a great thing to have you hair smoothed out but using the iron frequently will only result in your hair becoming rougher and eventually destroying it. Keratin treatment, on the other hand, is much safer for your hair and can give you the smoothness you desire without any excess heat being exerted on your hair strands. Some of the most commonly questions about keratin have been answered in this post. Read on to know all about keratin treatment.

What is Keratin?

◦ Keratin is the protein which makes up the outer layer of your hair.

◦ It is also one of the most durable proteins in nature.

◦ Application of keratin based products on your hair results in smoothing out of the strands and freedom from frizz.

What is Keratin Treatment?

◦ Keratin treatment is a temporary straightening treatment which lasts longer than everyday straightening.

◦ As opposed to permanent straightening, keratin treatment does not destroy your hair strands.

◦ A hair stylist applies a keratin product to the hair straightener and the flat iron is then used on the hair. This way, keratin is infused with the hair for a straightening effect.

What hair type is the treatment suitable for?

◦ The treatment is suitable for all hair types and is viewed as more of a restorative treatment than anything else.

◦ Keratin treatments are the most suitable for thick, curly, coarse, and frizzy hair.

◦ Keratin treatments are also great for those who have damaged hair resulting from constant use of hair colors and other chemicals on their hair.

◦ If you already have healthy and smooth hair, you can still reap the benefits of keratin being applied on your hair as it strengthens the hair shaft and gives your hair a more natural shine.

Are there any risks of hair damage?

◦ Keratin treatment in itself cannot do any harm to your harm.

◦ The flat iron which is used, however, can be the cause of hair damage in the treatment.

◦ It is important that the flat iron used for straightening the hair is used properly to give you the best treatment.

How long will it last?

◦ A typical keratin treatment lasts for 2 to 3 months.

◦ If you already have smooth hair then the treatment can last for as long as 6 months.

Are there any Keratin based alternatives to the Keratin Treatment?

◦ If you don't want your hair to undergo the straightening treatment at a salon, there are several at home treatments available for your hair.

◦ These treatments include keratin shampoos and conditioners which will recondition your hair on regular use.

Are you ready to recondition your hair?

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