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What is Kerastase?

Kerastase is a luxury French brand which is based in Paris. The brand is owned by the multi national giant L'Oreal Group and is known for producing the finest and the best products in professional hair care. The brand is a very expensive one and its product line is one of the most hyped products in the industry. The popularity surrounding the products do make one question whether the hype is justified.

From what its regular customers say, Kerastase is not just a big name. The price comes with many great results. People who had unmanageable hair before have noticed their hair become so much better and more manageable after starting to use Kerastase. Below is a list of some of the most popular Kerastase products which are innovative and very helpful in styling and the attractiveness of your hair.

Elixir Ultime Original Oil

This hair oil is one of the most iconic products in the market. It is a great way to treat your hair with something rich and luxurious. Regular use of Elixir Ultime will lead to some marvellous results such as reduced split ends, smoother hair, and decrease in hair fall. Additionally, Elixir Ultime is a very light product and will work its wonders without weighing your hair down.

Bain Chroma Captive

Bain Chroma Captive is a luxurious shampoo which has been created especially for coloured hair. The shampoo is free from sulphates and is a protective shampoo that leaves your coloured hair smooth, shiny and safe.

Nectar Thermique

This intense treatment is for very dry hair intending to make it smoother and stronger. Nectar Thermique is a beautiful and nourishing leave-in treatment which adds hydration to your hair. Applying it to damp hair allows it to fight hair damage and make your mane look majestic.

Ciment Thermique

Ciment Thermique is a leave in hair milk which protects hair from weakening. It strengthens the hair and makes it soft and smooth.

Keratine Thermique

Keratine Thermique is a treatment to calm down frizz and make way for smooth and straight hair.
This is a light product which will not weigh your hair down.

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