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What are Highlights?

Hair highlights are an interesting way to add some texture to your hair. Highlights are used to create a unique look for you which adds volumes to your personality. The stark difference between the color of highlights and the rest of the hair can create a very intense look which has an exciting appeal to it. Highlighting has become a trend in many countries for women and men alike although women are more likely to get their hair highlighted. If you are interested in adding highlights to your hair, here is a guide to help you choose what highlights to go for.

Balayage Highlights

Balayage is a hair highlighting method which is done with hands. It is very natural looking and is performed by free hand. It gives a nice, beach like appearance as it makes the ends look lighter and the color just darkens into the roots. People with brown, wavy hair can sport these highlights extremely well.

Ombre Highlights

Ombre highlight style is where the darkest of your hair is at the roots and the color lightens as you go towards the ends. The fading look of the highlights is very attractive and looks gorgeous on all hair types.

Multidimensional Highlights

In multidimensional highlights, more than one color is used to highlight the strands of your hair. A common technique is to use three shades of the same color to highlight your hair with lighter ones in the front to give a soft and natural look. It adds a very feminine appeal to the face.

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