Head Shave Information

Why give yourself a head shave?

A bald head stands out in a crowd of people who flaunt heads full of hair. There could be many reasons why you would want to give yourself a head shave. Maybe you like the look of a bald head which many people consider attractive. It could also be true that you have a problem with hair loss which has left you with bald spots on your head and you would much rather just go completely bald. Whatever your reasons might be, this post is going to give you some tips to get the perfect head shave. Let's get started!

Use a shaving gel or cream for sensitive skin

Your scalp is pretty sensitive which is why you should be using a shaving gel or cream which is meant for just that.
Many people simply use the lather of their soap when shaving their head but using a shaving cream or gel can definitely improve the results.
A shaving gel will make the task of removing the hair much smoother and will also hydrate the skin of your head.

Use a good razor but avoid electric razors

It is pertinent to make use of a high-quality razor when shaving your head as opposed to a cheap one.
Cheap, low-quality razors will make your scalp bleed. Thus, using a simple and decent razor is the best thing your can do for a good head shave.
Electric razors are advised against because they make your scalp more prone to developing ingrown hairs in the long run.

Shave against the direction of hair growth

The top rule for a head shave (or any shave for that matter) is to always shave against the direction in which your hair is growing.
This will remove the hair much more smoothly from the head and will reduce the chances of having in grown hairs.

Use an after shave lotion

This may seem strange to those who would think that aftershave spirits and lotions are only meant after you shave your face but an after shave product can (and should) also be used after a head shave.
This is necessary because you want to moisturize your scalp after it has been cleared of all its hair.
An after shave moisturizing lotion should be used as opposed to a spirit based product because the latter can cause your head to dry up even more.

Use a sun block for your scalp

Now that there is no hair to protect the skin of your head, you need a sun block to prevent sun damage.
A sun block will protect the sensitive skin of your scalp from the harmful UV radiation and keep it nice and safe.

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