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What are haircuts?

A haircut is the process of cutting your hair into a particular style and is done by a hairdresser. There are multiple different styles that can be achieved through a haircut for women, men and children. The hair industry is constantly developing and cycling through trends so many people regular get their hair cut to stay on top of the latest style.

Why should you get a Haircut?

Your haircut has the ability to add oozes of appeal to your appearance. A simple haircut can give you a complete makeover. There are many haircuts doing the rounds of popularity polls among women and choosing one is quite difficult. One thing every woman should keep in her mind before choosing a haircut for herself is her face shape. Not all haircuts look equally good on everyone because each has a look for certain facial shapes and can emphasise on aspects one may not find pleasing. Here is a general guide on how to choose a haircut based on your face shape:

Round Face

A round face has soft and rounded chin, hairline and cheeks. The cheekbones are not well defined and the face is wider and not very long. If you have a round face and want to go with a short haircut, go for a very short pixie style cut which spike upwards. This adds more length to your face and make it look longer. If you want to go for a long haircut, then go for loose curls that hit your collarbone as they add angles to your round face.

Heart Shaped Face

A heart shaped face has a wide forehead and a narrow chin. If you have a heart shaped face and want to go for a short haircut, go for tousled pixie style cut as it cuts out the pronounced jawline. Also, don't be afraid to add slight layers to the cut so the forehead looks less wide. Long, layered hair with full fringe or a side swept fringe will look good on a heart shaped face as it will emphasise the angles of the face and cancel out he wideness of forehead.

Long Face

A long face is a very symmetric and can pull off most hairstyles. Haircuts that emphasise face shape should be chosen for an added effect. If you have a long face and want to go for a short haircut, go for an angular bob as it emphasises the shape of your face. Long hair with a sweeping fringe looks great on long faces.

Square Face

A square face has a straight chin, a straight hairline and a strong jaw. A square shaped suit hairstyles that make it the face seem longer. If you are looking for short haircuts, a bob with layered strands and a slight fringe will look great on a square shape as it puts focus on your cheekbones. Longer haircuts should have lots of feather like layers.

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