Hair Treatment Information

What are Hair Treatments?

Hair is a sign of beauty, vitality, and femininity. Beautiful and voluminous hair is considered desirable in almost every culture and people's opinion on the importance of hair in the overall beauty of a woman has not changed much over centuries. Smooth and soft hair is considered a sign of health and beauty. If your hair is rough, dry, damaged, or maybe you are just plain bored of all your current style, you can follow any of the following hair treatments to spike up your life a bit and make your hair smoother and more beautiful.

Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin treatment is a temporary straightening treatment which lasts longer than the usual straightening done by flat iron. It is different from permanent straightening in the fact that keratin treatment does not last as long and does not destroy your hair strands. In a typical treatment, a keratin product is applied to the hair straightener and the flat iron is then used on the hair to infuse the keratin product with the hair for a straightening effect. It effectively softens the hair shaft as well and makes it much more manageable.

Nanomax Hair Treatment

Nanomax hair treatment is a unique damage repair salon hair treatment in which essential proteins are infused with the hair through the use of a glowing green brush by Nanomax. The brush releases a mist which is sprayed directly onto the hair which effectively improves the texture of the hair and makes it much smoother and softer than before. Nanomax hair treatment is a two step process – conditioning and protein infusion. In the first step, the brush is used to apply the conditioning treatment to the hair. In the second step, the protein infusion hair treatment is performed by releasing the mist from the brush. The results are fantastic and last for five weeks.