Hair Straightening Information

What is hair straightening?

The perfect straight hair is a fantasy for many people who want and desire the style but are not gifted naturally. It is true that some people naturally have hair which is beautiful and straight but at the same time, there are others who have wavy hair and only dream of sporting a smooth mane. Luckily, several hair straightening techniques exist which will help those who want straight hair get straight hair!

Broadly, there are two types of hair straightening methods – temporary and permanent. Temporary hair straightening methods are useful for the short term but permanent hair straightening gives you a smooth and straight mane for a much longer period of time.

Permanent hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening is a chemical method which chemically modifies the texture of your hair.
It is a two step process which is performed in a span of a few hours at max.
The first step uses a sodium-based chemical which breaks the keratin structure of your hair so it gets rid of its natural, waviness. This is a very crucial step as it changes the chemical structure of the bonds in your hair to make it easier to shape in the next step.
The second step uses an antioxidant for giving the broken keratin structure the straight shape you desire.
The procedure will straighten your hair permanently and it will stay this way for at least a year. However, the hair near the roots will start to get curly as your hair grows.

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is a temporary straightening treatment but it lasts much longer than a flat iron rod.
However, keratin treatment definitely has an edge over permanent straightening in the fact that it does not destroy your hair strands.
Chemical straightening can be harmful for your hair but keratin products soften the hair and promote its healthy texture.
In a typical keratin treatment session, your hair stylist will apply a keratin product to the flat iron rod which will then be used on the hair.
The method is used to infuse keratin with the hair for a temporary straightening effect that lasts for around two or three months.

Shiseido hair straightening

Shiseido hair straightening is a Japanese hair straightening procedure which is not based on active ingredients like hydroxide and lye.
The treatment is based on Liscio which is much gentler and does the job of straightening the hair without harming it in any way.
Your hair becomes smooth and straight after the Shiseido hair straightening treatment and the effect stays for quite a long time.
The technique has gained popularity all around the world and is not limited to only Japan.

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