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What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have become a very popular augmentation for those who do not have naturally voluminous hair. The extensions let your hair look fuller, thicker, and longer while also providing volume.

There are many pros to using hair extensions, the most obvious of which being that they add length and volume to your existing hair. They are also helpful if you want to change your look but just got a haircut recently. Extensions of a different colour can also be used to add highlights to your hair without you having to colour your original hair strands.

Famous celebrities change their look as instantly as they do because of hair extensions and the same can be accredited for making their hair look voluminous and full. That perfect, enviable bounce is not just a gift of nature – hair extensions are the common tool to give them that look.

The look of your hair depends on the type of hair extensions you use. There are many types you could choose from depending on what you need:

Clip in Extensions

Not everyone is interested in permanent extensions and only want long hair temporarily. It could be that you want to try a long hair hairstyle for a certain event. In situations like these, clip in extensions will be very useful.

Wefted Extensions

Wefted extensions are also known as sewn extensions. As the name suggests, these hair extensions are sewn into the ends of the natural hair. Wefted hair extensions can be sewn into the hair of the interested person in two ways – using hands or machine. Wefted extensions look natural and do not need to be redone for a long time. Typically, they last from six to eight weeks.


Tapes are the most durable type of hair extensions. The natural hair is wound around a tape of hair and is placed between the tapes. The strands are wound in such a way that the hair does not look like strings. The only problem with them can happen if the hair starts to grow and get tangled with the extensions. Apart from that, tapes are a great way to add volume and length to your hair. Not much maintenance is required with tapes.


Micro beads are a great and very easy type of hair extensions. The hair extensions are applied to the hair by clamping a small bead on the tip of the client's natural hair. They can last really long (approximately four months) and are very comfortable since no use of glue, heat or tapes is employed.

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