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What is Hair Contouring?

Everyone dreams of a perfect face, yet sometimes the reality can seem so far off. Contouring, or the art of using light and shade to change the appearance of body parts, has really taken off over the last couple of years. Sure we’ve all heard of makeup contouring and watched numerous tutorials on Youtube but HAIR contouring? Yes, that’s right, talented hair stylists are now using custom colour application to achieve the same results that makeup artists have been using to achieve the goal of the perfect face shape!

How is Hair Contouring Done?

An experienced colourist will begin by assessing your face shape: everyone generally falls into one of the following categories: round, oval, oblong, square and heart. They will then determine which shape will best suit your features (aiming to make those cute cheekbones really pop and your beautiful eyes stand out). They will then apply highlights and lowlights (generally going 2-3 shades lighter/darker than your natural hair to keep maintenance down) to craft that new face shape.

For Round and Square Faces

Your colourist will apply a lighter shade near the roots of your hair and at the ends of your hair. This creates the appearance of shadow around your face to make it appear slimmer.

For Diamond and Rectangular Faces

For this face shape you are looking to have your face appear wider! To achieve this look a highlight will be applied around your face with an ombre effect.

Heart/Triangle Face

Here you want your chin softened without widening your forehead. Here your colourist will apply lowlights near the roots and forehead and lighten through the mid section.

What about Maintaining This Look?

The great thing about hair contouring compared to makeup contouring is due to it’s subtle nature hair contouring is very low maintenance with low appearance of regrowth.