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What is hair colouring?

Hair coloring is some of the most commonly performed cosmetic treatments which is popular equally among men and women. While some like to color their hair because they want to try a new style, others go for the treatment because they want to cover their grays. There are various hair coloring techniques which are used by hair dressers around the world to create beautiful shades and colors. Read on to learn about some of the most commonly used hair coloring methods and how one is better than the other. Different techniques have certain benefits over others.


Ombre is a style of hair coloring in which the roots of your hair are the darkest in color. The color then fades into a different shade as you approach the ends of the hair.
This style of hair coloring is very dynamic and very aesthetic as well. The smooth transition from dark to light shade is bold and adds a lot of character to anyone's look.
In a hair coloring procedure called reverse ombre, the exact opposite of ombre style is done to the hair.
In reverse ombre, the lightest hair is at the roots and the color darkens gradually as you reach the ends. This style is usually used by those who have blond hair for a dynamic and bolder look.


Balayage is a French hair coloring technique which is known for its free flowing nature.
Free hands are used to apply hair color in a way that the color looks natural. The ends are lightened first and the hair then gets darker as you approach the roots.
Balayage is also known as hand painting because your stylist will use their hands to get a more precise control over how the color is going to turn out in your hair.

Full application of hair color

For those who do not want varying shades of color but a full on single color look for their hair, an all-over application of hair color will do the deed. This style is elegant and can look bold too if a unique color is used.

Temporary – temporary hair coloring will simply enhance the current hair color and darken the current shade. These colors will last only through 1 or 2 washes.

Semi permanent – this hair color will last for 4 to 6 washes and will color not just the outside of the hair but a layer deeper.

Permanent – In this hair coloring technique, the color is deposited to the deepest layer of each hair and stay as it is till the hair grows out.
Hair coloring in any style can be quite a wonderful and aesthetic change in your appearance.
While an all over color can give you a new look entirely, more artistic techniques such as ombre and balayage can create interesting shades in your hair.

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