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What is a Fringe?

Fringes are a popular hairstyle which is cut in such a way that it hangs over the front of the forehead. It creates a very stylish and eye catching look. Different types of fringe hairstyles can be chosen for different types of face shapes. On some faces, a simple fringe that hangs right above the eyebrows looks good while on others, a fringe which is swept to one side of the face looks better. The fringe can also be styled in different ways to create a unique look.

Straight Cut Fringe

A typical straight fringe which is reminiscent of the older times. They are also known as blunt bangs and have a retro look to them which makes them such a cool hairstyle to have. Women with round faces may not like how straight cut fringe looks on their face as they can emphasise the wideness of their face.

Sideswept Fringe

A very popular style for fringe when the hair is swept to one side of the face. The hair is cut longer than the usual blunt fringe and can look great on any face irrespective of the face shape. This type of fringe is also very easy to style and maintain.

Asymmetrical Fringe

Is hair cut in asymmetrical manner. The style could be implemented in different ways. For example, one could get one side of the fringe shorter than the other or could have shorter hair in the middle of the fringe and longer on the sides. There are many styles to play around with if you go with asymmetrical approach.

Arch Fringe

The arch fringe is also known as the rounded fringe and was a very popular hairstyle in the golden era of 70's. These fringes have a rounded look and form an arch just above the forehead with the hair getting longer on the sides. Go for this style if you have a round face because the shape of this fringe makes the face appear thinner.

Parted Fringe

When a fringe is parted with one portion being swept to one side and other being swept to the other, it is known as a parted fringe. Parted fringes can look great on any face and have a more subtle and simple appeal to them than the others on the list. Parted fringe is usually longer than a straight cut fringe.

Wispy Fringe

For those who don't want to go full fringed, a wispy fringe will do good. Wispy fringe is also known as a see through fringe and is made from a very thin volume of hair.

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