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How to take care of fine hair

If you have really fine hair, you know what it is like to have troubles styling it because of the lack in volume. When your hair is too thin, you cannot pull off as many hairstyles as you'd like. Hair coloring treatments are also risky and uncertain.

Do you want to make your fine hair appear thicker and denser? If the volume of your hair is an issue then the following tips for fine hair will definitely help you maintain it.

Create an illusion of thick hair

The best way to boost the volume of your hair is to create an illusion of thicker, voluminous hair.
For this, you need to wash your hair with a high quality shampoo. After that, use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair in a way that the roots are lifted above the scalp.
Keep blowing your hair dry till the hair is not completely dry but slightly wet. Now, to the blow dried hair, apply a volume gel or a similar product so the hair stays that way.
The lift will make your fine hair appear denser and much thicker.

Give yourself a regular head massage

If you have thin hair and just faking it is not working for you, you can actually increase the volume of your hair naturally.
A good head massage when done regularly is very beneficial for the health of the hair.
A head massage will increase circulation in the scalp and this means your hair will grow longer and thicker.
Regularly massage your hair with olive oil and you will notice a gradual improvement in the volume of your fine hair.

Get a haircut to add volume

Haircuts have the power to change your entire appearance and certain haircuts can work well in your favor if thickness is what you seek.
Cut your hair in layers as they give hair a natural bounce which makes it look much denser and voluminous.
Hair which has not been cut in layers look flatter and this just emphasize on its thinness. On the other hand, layers make your hair look much healthier and thicker.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner combination

All fine hair is not the same. Some are found on an oily scalp, some on a dry one while others on a normal scalp.
If you have oily fine hair, you should use a shampoo and conditioner which are designed for just that.
It is necessary that you use the right products for your hair because the last thing you want is hair loss and flatter looking hair.

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