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What is a cut throat shave?

Cut throat shave is a style of shaving which makes use of a straight razor. One who does not have the familiarity with the straight will find it difficult to give themselves a clean shave so men often rely on the experienced hands of their barber to do it for them. So, why has it gained so much popularity recently? Read on to discover the benefits of using a straight razor to give yourself a nice, clean shave.

It is kinder to the skin

A cut throat shave makes use of a straight razor which consists of just one blade meaning the shaving edge is more focused.
The safety razors which have become a norm make use of multiple blades which means your skin is more prone to experience razor burns.
A cut throat shave will also reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs – an annoying occurrence which everyone hates.

It saves money

A straight razor will help you save money as it is just a simple single blade with no fancy attachments.
Even the highest quality straight razors are cheaper than a mediocre safety razor. Not only are they priced lower but straight razors also provide more shaves per razor.
You can use one to give yourself a cut throat shave approximately 30 times without having to change it.
These razors are not battery operated or require too much packaging to protect them which also adds to their cost effectiveness.

A closer shave

A closer, more accurate shave is something you exclusively get when you use a straight razor.
A cut throat shave procedure gives you more flexibility and freedom to remove hair from difficult to reach points.
The result of a cut throat shave is a much more superior shave which looks cleaner and definitely much better.
This is the reason why your shave looks so much better when your barber does it for you instead.

Despite all these benefits, one cannot ignore the fact that there is a learning curve involved with cut throat shaving when on does it themselves. One needs to put in time and effort to learn how to use a straight razor and it is not the easiest thing in the world. To perform the right cut throat shave without any injuries, you will have to master your angles so you don't cut yourself during the procedure. Incorrect angling of the blade can lead to burning cuts which we all would like to avoid. If that sounds like too much to handle, just come in to your local barber and get it done for you.

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