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How to Rock Curly Hair

Curly hair is beautiful and sporting curls has been known to be a wild and free style. Those who are blessed with naturally curly hair also know that the beautiful texture and appeal comes at a price. Curly hair can be very difficult to maintain as it can get unruly and frizzy. If you have curly hair and want to cut it, this guide will help you. Curly hair needs to be handled differently from other hair types which can be challenging but if you get it right, you can give yourself a nice and chic hair cut.

Before you get started with the process of cutting your curly hair, you need a pair of sharp scissors. You want to make sure that you do not use dull scissors for the process. You need hair pins and clips for the process because you will have to section your hair. Now that your supplies are ready, you can start cutting your hair. This post will discuss how you can trim your curly hair and give yourself a nice, fresh look. If you want a different hair cut, it is suggested that you contact a professional hair stylist for the job.

How to Cut Curly Hair

1. Detangle your hair – the first step in the hair cutting process is to detangle your hair. Use a wide toothed comb to remove all the tangles and knots in your hair and so you can cut it in the right style. Start combing from the roots and move down as you proceed.

2. Wash and dry it well – wash your hair and dry it well before your proceed. Curly hair is easier to cut when dry which is why you should first wash it well to remove all the dirt and then dry it using a hair dryer.

3. Part your hair into small sections – use hair pins and clips to part your hair into small sections. Each section can be an inch thick so it is easy for you to cut your hair. It is almost always a good idea to part curly hair into sections because this makes it easier to work with the hair.

4. Trim your hair section by section – take one section and remove the pin. Comb the section out and layer the hair between your fingertips. Keep combing and stretching the hair till it looks like it is straight and there are just the hair ends extending from the between of your fingertips. Cut the ends sticking out and move the scissors in a straight line. You can cut more than just ends if you want to shorten the length of your hair. Pin each section back after you have worked on it to prevent accidentally cutting the same sections twice.

5. Check if trimming has been successful – remove all pins and check if your hair seems even.

Now you are ready to sport those beautiful curls and take pride in the glory of your lovely hair!

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