Bridal Hair Information

What is Bridal Hair?

Your wedding day is the best day of your life – a day you have planned and anticipated for a long time. When the day where you tie the knot with the love of your life arrives, you want everything to be perfect. The decoration, the food, the music, the weather – the list could go on forever! For any bride, her look takes a primary position in all things that should be perfect list. Every bride wants to look chic, beautiful, and perfect on her wedding day. This means her dress, makeup, jewelry, and hair should be up to the mark.

Romantic Waves

◦ The wedding is a very romantic occasion and if you can express the emotion with your hair, it would be quite wonderful.
◦ Style your hair so there are loose waves that are brushed away from your face to lend a very romantic look.
◦ Add a hair pin to make the look even more feminine.

Sleek Chignon

◦ A sleek chignon adds an air of elegance and charm to your entire look. It is a classic and has been loved by everyone for decades now.
◦ A chignon will look great for evening weddings and makes you look like a classic beauty.
◦ Make sure your hair is smooth and free of flyaways before you pull your hair in a chignon.
◦ Use a glittery hair tie for tying up your hair and give you a look which is beautiful, elegant, and mesmerizing.

French Braid

◦ The French braid is a beautiful hairstyle and very feminine in its essence.
◦ If your wedding dress is full of laces and sheer cloth, a French braid will look fantastic on you.
◦ A thick French braid which ends in soft wisps in the back is an excellent way to create a very elegant wedding look.

High Ponytail

◦ A high ponytail is girly and vibrant. It is gorgeous and has a more youthful air about itself than any other bridal hair.
◦ If you are a young bride, you will really like how the high ponytail looks on you.
◦ Spray your hair with hair sprays specialized in removing frizz and containing hair before you tie it up.

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