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What is a Blow Wave?

Blow dry is a very important part of your hair routine and it has to be done properly for a perfect hairdo. Not everyone, however, has the perfect skills to do it well which is why many are not able to get the best results. It is not uncommon for women to end up with less than ideal hairdos simply because they couldn't blow dry their hair well. The perfect blow dry technique is to gently dry your hair in a certain way that it looks lustrous and bouncy. When performed correctly, a blow dry will also eliminate frizz and make your hair look even and much more stable with less flyaways.

Using a Protective Serum

◦ During blow dry, you are going to expose your hair to direct hot air from the dryer.
◦ This can be pretty harmful for your hair shaft and you want to minimize the possible damage caused by the procedure.
◦ This is why you should always protect your hair from the heat using a serum or spray. These products shield your hair from the effects of direct heat and effectively make your hair retain the effects of blow dry much better.

Keep It Natural, Keep It Beautiful

◦ You want to reduce the exposure of your hair to your hair dryer as much as you can to prevent any kind of damage.
◦ For this, it is a good idea to first let your hair dry after you have washed it.
◦ Wrap your hair in a towel and let it naturally soak out the water from your strands.
◦ This will reduce your exposure to the dryer and it will take less effort and time to give your hair the perfect look.

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