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What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French technique to highlight hair using hands rather than any other traditional methods like cap highlighting. This creates a more natural looking effect with less noticeable regrowth lines. The French colouring technique was developed in 1970's and has grown in popularity because it does not keep the colour contained in the same region through the use of foil or cap but is a free and less placed technique that creates a much more natural look. A Balayage professional selects a shade of the colour of your choice which goes well with your skin to give an illusion of the hair colour looking completely natural.

Balayage has been a highly fashionable choice amongst celebrities such as Jessica Alba and the Kardashians.


Balayage has become a very popular hair colouring method, thanks to its natural blonde look. Balayage has experienced a recent spike in popularity over other colouring techniques due to the technique gaining prominence in Hollywood as many A listers and models have started to use it.


A great thing about Balayage is that it is very low maintenance. You can wear your Balayage for longer durations without going for a recolour. It is extremely common for women to go to a salon every two weeks or so just to maintain their hair colour and Balayage solves this problem because your hair grows out and blends with the existing shade of your hair. Just ensure that you use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner and you can enjoy the beautiful shade of your hair colour for much longer. No need to worry about colouring your hair again when it looks so natural!

Length of hair

Balayage can work on most hair lengths, except the hair that is very short. If you don't don really short hair and have a bit of length and volume, you can use Balayage to colour your hair. This is due to the need to create a subtle gradient

Original hair colour

Many people wonder if their original hair colour makes a difference in how the Balayage results will turn out. The answer is no. Most if not all hair shades and types can achieve beautiful tones in their hair through Balayage. In fact, Balayage is the perfect way for people with darker hair to try lighter highlights.

Variety of styles

With Balayage, you can not only get the more natural and soft look but also create harder, much more intense colours. This is what makes Balayage such a great technique – you can get any kind of look with ease and spend much less time and money on maintenance. A variety of different blondes are available with balayage, from caramel to an ice cold blonde.

Written by Giovanni Macizzio, Beauty Industry Expert

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