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What is Weight Training?

Free weight exercises are those which involve the use of free weights such as dumbbells and barbells. These exercises primarily consist of movements where you move the free weights to work different parts of your body.

Why do Weight Training?

It is very important to make exercise a part of your daily routine to ensure that your body stays in shape and your mind is clear. Exercise is great to maintain your health and keep your mind active as well. Different types of exercises have different benefits. Exercises can be commonly divided into types based on whether equipment is used or not. The ones where external equipment is used can be further divided on the basis of what kind of equipment is used. Free weights are movable objects which one can easily carry and move around. In a similar fashion, we can define what free weight exercises are.

Facilitate Movement

◦ Since during the practice of free weights exercises your body is not restrained or positioned in any restricted position, you can easily flex your muscles.
◦ You can easily move your muscles in any direction and any way you want to without any restrictions or restraining.

Specifically Target Muscle

◦ The workout performed with free weights usually involves additional muscles other than the ones you are targeting.
◦ Without conscious knowledge, you are making use of stabilizing muscles during certain exercises and are training them as well.
◦ This added benefit of training more muscles than you are targeting is only available in the flexible free weights training.

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