TRX Suspension Training Information

What is TRX Suspension Training?

TRX stands for total body resistance exercise and is comprehensive workout routine developed by the members of Navy SEALs. This workout is a great way to train all your muscle groups and comes with numerous health benefits. The key feature of this workout routine is that the moves make use of only your body weight and no external weights. This makes sense because Navy SEAL members are posted in the most remote locations of the world where the best they can do to keep themselves fit is use their own body weight strategically. Thus, through TRX suspension training, they maintain their health and fitness even in the most difficult times.
The workout routine has now made its way to the mainstream and it is a solid exercise which has many health benefits.

It is a low impact workout which can be followed by anyone

The best thing about TRX suspension training is its ease. Anyone can do it and no one is restricted by their physical limitations.
Unlike other exercise routines which are high impact and require one to be already fit, TRX suspension training has no such prerequisites.
The exercise is very easy to learn and follow. Also, because of how light it is, anyone can do it.
Older men and women who may be suffering from joint problems also find this workout quite useful and easy because of how easy it is on the muscles and the bones.
The risk of injury is very low in this one which is why it is a great choice for any person over the age of 40.

Very little equipment needed

A variety of exercises can be performed using just one piece of equipment – a pair of adjustable bands.
You can use these bands to support your arms and even legs to come up with interesting ways to train the different parts of your body.
The versatility of this workout routine is what adds a flavor of fun to it as well.
Those who regularly follow the TRX suspension training admit that they find it incredibly fun and a great way to remain fit.

A unique way to engage your whole body

The best thing about TRX suspension training is that it is unique in its approach and involves all muscle groups at once.
The whole body is used to perform the moves – arms, legs, and even the core is constantly involved in each exercise.
It is a comprehensive workout which is great to train any part of the body and helps people achieve their fitness goals.
Being fun and different in nature, it has already achieved quite a fan following in all age groups.

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